Wiltshire Youth Cricket League


How to enter results

  1. Click the Log in link at the left of the page. Select your club from the list, and enter the password that you have been given. If you tick the Keep me logged in checkbox, you will be remembered next time you visit the site. Click the Login button.

  2. If you have logged in successfully, you will be presented with a list of your club's fixtures for which we are still awaiting results. Click on any of these to enter the result.

  3. You will now see a page asking you to enter the result summary.

    • If the match was cancelled or abandoned, or if it was forfeited, you only need to select the appropriate result from the list, then click the Continue... button. You have now finished submitting this result.
    • If the match was completed and a result was achieved, select Match completed from the list, and select which team batted first.
    • In the event of a rain affected game, please also fill in either - or both - of the reduced overs boxes, as specified on the page.
    • When you have filled in the appropriate fields, click the Continue... button.
  4. You will now see a page on which to enter the details of the match.

    • For each innings, enter the score, number of wickets to fall, and number of overs bowled. If a team has fewer than 11 players and is bowled out, the team shall be classed as all out.
    • Also for each innings, enter all performances of note. This information will be used for the press reports. There is a field each for batting and bowling/fielding. As a bare minimum, for U13 and U15 games, please include all batsmen scoring 50+ and all bowlers taking 4 wickets or more and for U11 games please include at least all batsmen scoring 20+ and bowlers taking 2 or more wickets.
    • Please enter full player names as first name and surname; denote a not out by an asterisk (*); and separate bowling figures with a dash; e.g. Andrew Jones 95* or John Smith 5-50.
    • When you have completed both innings, press the Continue... button.
  5. You will now see a summary page, which will confirm all the figures you have entered, and show who won and by what margin.

    You will also see a breakdown of the points awarded to each team.

    If you believe that the result or points have been calculated incorrectly, please send an email to webmaster@wycl.org.uk and we will investigate it.

  6. You can now view the updated league table by clicking on the League Table link in the main menu on the left of the screen.

    If you have more results to enter, they will be listed and linked in a box at the top of every page. Just click on a fixture and follow the above procedure again.