WYCL Return to Cricket Statement

Updated 2 July 2020

The Wiltshire Youth Cricket League would like to thank the clubs that completed our recent Return to Cricket Survey. The survey results have helped us greatly in understanding the wishes of our clubs should the Government sanction a move to step 4 of ECB’s roadmap for the return of recreational cricket. Please note that a move to step 4 would see adapted game play permitted this summer and within this it is the hope that whilst adaptions would apply it will still be possible for us to play competitive 11 a side Cricket.

Following analysis of the survey results, the Wiltshire Youth Cricket League is pleased to confirm that it will be ready to react to a move to step 4 of ECB’s roadmap by providing a competitive matchplay and competition structure for those clubs and teams that want it. The current thinking is that this will be new standalone, localised, bubble divisions of between 4 to 6 teams at under 11, 13 and 15 age groups. Due to the short window for Cricket that we will have and the quickness with which the League will need to organise new fixture grids, it is our intention to run one format at each of these age groups as opposed to the multiple format options that the league is able to offer in normal seasons. Please note that whilst the League will be providing these organised competitions it will also be the case that clubs can organise their own friendly fixtures in addition. On that note we will unfortunately not be able to help facilitate under 9 festivals for this summer. The reason is that the move to step 4 of the ECB roadmap is only likely to permit two teams playing in a competitive fixture against each other, as opposed to multiple teams meeting at one venue. Therefore, organising your own under 9 friendlies or intra club practices might be an option when we move to step 4.

In terms of next steps, please note the following:

At the point that we get the green light from Government and ECB to move to step 4 and for matchplay to return, please note that the league will need to enact the following step by step process in short time in order to produce the new bubble divisions and fixtures in a timely fashion to allow Cricket to start as quickly as possible:

Please note that it is likely that the WYCL will set up new fixtures in the normal format of Sundays (Under 11s and Under 15s playing on the same Sundays, and Under 13s on the alternate Sundays). As mentioned earlier, for this season only the league will not be complicating things by offering different formats and therefore all Cricket will be set up as 20 over, 11 players per side Cricket (Government and ECB conditions permitting). However, we would note two things:

  1. Clubs will be open to rearrange fixtures from the Sundays by mutual agreement
  2. If clubs wish to alter the format from 20 overs per side then providing this is by mutual agreement then that will be fine

The points above are made to highlight that we should all operate in a collaborative spirit this summer to make the best of whatever small window we may get for competitive matchplay.

We hope that by providing this statement it shows the positive intent of the Wiltshire Youth Cricket League to provide meaningful Cricket this summer for those clubs and teams that want it. Additionally, both the League and the Cricket Board fully respect the position of clubs who may not wish to compete in an organised competition structure and we will work together to support those clubs that simply want something a little less formal. We look forward to hopefully being in touch again in the near future.