New season, new website

The new season is nearly upon us, and you’ll soon be needing to submit your results.

With the launch of this rebuilt website comes a new login system; users now have individual accounts, which will allow you to submit results for your teams (and also for joint club teams which include your club).

All current contacts for clubs have had a user account created for them, and should by now have received an email with instructions for setting a password. If you haven’t, please contact us with your details and club name.

Once logged in, your user menu (top right) gives you access to your account settings. Currently your information is not user-editable, but soon will be. The account settings page shows your personal information; the club(s) you are affiliated with; and any club positions you hold (published to contacts).

Under 9 festivals

We have now added the schedule of Under 9 Festivals to the website, including contact details for the host club; although of course there is no results submission for these.


Club contacts are available here on the website for registered users. Click on any team name, and you’ll see all the information for that team: Fixtures, Results, Location, Contacts. For combined-club teams, you will see the contacts for each of the clubs.

Logged-in users can also download a full contact list for the league.

Coming soon

  • Users can edit their personal details
  • Users can edit their club contacts
  • New users can register via the site
  • Any requests from new or existing users to be linked to a club will be sent to existing members of that club for approval (you know much better than we do who should be allowed access!)
  • Downloadable contacts list

Any problems?

Until you are able to edit the data yourself, if you see that the information for you or your club is incorrect, please let us know. We recommend checking the contacts and location map for your club to see if they are correct.

Please also contact us if the site doesn’t seem to be working as it should, or if you have any (reasonable!) suggestions for improvements.

2019 rule changes

While it is the responsibility of the home team to enter the result on this website as soon as possible after the completion of the game, the away team will also now have access to enter the result.

If a result is not entered on this website within 48 hours, the match will automatically be marked as ‘cancelled’.

There are other changes to match format and points allocation; please see WYCL Rules 2019 for full information.